Welcome to Tiny Friends Small dog Re-homing & Adoption


Hi I need to re-home my 1 year old Jack Russel as I am starting a new job on monday and don't want to have to leave him on his own can you help?


Hi is that Tiny Friends? I need to find a new home for my dog and I phoned everywhere they all say they cant take him today, would you 


Hi my yorkie needs a new home I have just split up with my partner and can't cope having three kids, can you take him and find him a home? 


Hello is that Tiny Friends? My sister has just passed away and there is no one there to look after her two wee dogs can you find them good homes?

Tiny Friends: "YES" Don't worry your dog will be in safe hands, With over 30 years in training and re-homing family dogs we are qualified to re-home yours. We also operate a 100% non-destroy policyWe offer a non judgmental service which has your dog's well being and future well being as it's over riding objective. Tiny Friends can re-home both cross bred and pure bred dogs. We will try our best to help in most cases. We would appreciate that your call to re-home your dog is genuine and well considered as a change of heart can create disappointment for prospective families!

IF YOU DOG IS IN NEED OF EMERGENCY RE-HOMING  PLEASE PRESS THE BLUE BUTTON BELOW  TO GO TO THE RE-HOMING APPLICATION FORM AND SEND US 2 X OBLONG PHOTOS VIA EMAIL (On the contact page) Please note all our dogs are kept in a loving home environment where they are played with and socialise with other dogs in our care not kennels. They are looked after by patient and caring staff who have dedicated themselves to help in our work. Any donations received go back into our re-homing/adoption programe to help other dogs in need.

Hours of opening: Monday-Saturday  8:30am - 9pm  

Open SUNDAYS! 10:30AM-7.30PM "Visits by appointment only"

If we cant get to the phone we may be very busy!  just submit the re-homing adoption form and Text us on  07552 229532 and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Thank you.